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What to eat when you're lactose intolerant

You love dairy — but it doesn’t always love you back. Good news: even if you’re lactose intolerant, you can still eat well and feel fantastic. With a few small changes, you can keep on enjoying the foods you love.

Dairy as Part of Meal

1. Eat dairy as part of a complete meal 

Dairy needs a buddy – it’s easier to digest lactose when combined with protein and fat, so don’t eat it alone! For instance, instead of eating cheese on its own, bake it into lasagna or another dish that contains protein, carbs, or fat.

Low Lactose Aged Cheese

2. Choose aged cheeses that are naturally low in lactose

Give up cheese? Never! Instead, choose cheeses that contain low amounts of lactose. Hard aged cheeses like Cheddar, Swiss, or Parmesan are easier to digest than soft cheeses like feta, mozzarella, or ricotta.

Dairy Break

3. Reduce the dairy, then re-introduce it slowly

Dairy products contain key nutrients and should not be completely removed from your diet. To manage your dairy sensitivity symptoms, try to reduce your intake and then slowly reintroduce dairy in smaller quantities- and always in combinations with other foods. This will help allow you to gauge how much lactose your body can handle.

Active Cultures

4. Add yogurt with active cultures into your diet

Many yogurts contain probiotics and live cultures that make it easier to digest. When you want something sweet, mix yogurt with fruit or granola, or add it to a smoothie. Mix a bit of plain yogurt into tomato soup, or blend it with fresh herbs and sea salt for a delicious dip.  

Swap it Products

5. Swap it out

It’s time to reclaim the foods you want, without the side effects you don’t. Keep making your favorite recipes, like mac ‘n cheese, milkshakes, or creamy mashed potatoes, by substituting a regular dairy product for the same lactose-free LACTAID® product.

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