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What Is Shelf-Stable Milk?

Convenience in Your Cabinet
Box of Lactaid lactose-free shelf stable milk on a countertop next to a bowl of cereal and berries
Convenience in Your Cabinet

What is Shelf-Stable Milk?

Shelf-stable Lactaid® Milk is the creamy, lactose-free milk you love with the convenience you’ve been craving. This milk is UHT (ultra-high temperature) pasteurized, so it stays fresh in the pantry for months. And, the innovative air tight Tetra Pak® package makes sure no light gets in, so the milk can be stored until you need it.

Side by side boxes of Lactaid shelf-stable 2% milk and regular shelf-stable milk
  • Real lactose-free milk
  • Stays fresh in the pantry (refrigerate after opening)
  • Innovative air-tight Tetra Pak® package
  • Find it in your shelf-stable pantry aisle
Bowl of cereal with milk and fresh strawberries
Does your family go through gallons faster than you can shop? Stock your pantry with convenient shelf-stable milk and save much-needed fridge space.
Bowl of chocolate brownie mix with a whisk
Out of the pantry or the refrigerator, Lactaid® Shelf-Stable Milk is delicious lactose-free milk that works with your favorite recipes.
Cup of coffee with milk
There’s nothing worse than reaching for an empty carton in the morning. Opt for shelf-stable milk that’s there when you need it.
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