Best New Artist Milkshake

Best New Artist Milkshake

Nutritional Facts
Calories from Fat: 
2 070
Total Fat: 
Saturated Fat: 
Dietary Fiber: 
Total Carbohydrate: 

New Territories


1 piece strawberry rock candy stick

3 pieces sour star-shaped gummy candies

½ cup chocolate dirt

½ cup chocolate syrup

¼ cup yellow and white nonpareil sprinkles

¼ cup kettle corn popcorn

1 palm tree pick

1 bamboo food pick

  1. Pour the chocolate syrup into a bowl or plate. Pour the yellow and white nonpareil sprinkles into a separate bowl or plate.
  2. Dip the rim of the cup into the chocolate syrup until coated to desired amount. Feel free to freestyle and create any style of choice.
  3. Immediately dip the chocolate-coated rim into the bowl or plate of the sprinkles to create a colorful rim. Ensure all chocolate areas are covered.
  4. Pour half of the chocolate dirt (¼ cup) into the bottom of the glass. Save the other half for later.
  5. In a blender, add the 1¼ cup of LACTAID® Reduced Fat 2% Milk and 1¼ cup of LACTAID® Chocolate Ice Cream. Blend together slowly and gradually turn up the speed. Blend until it’s a smooth consistency and there aren’t any chunks of ice cream.
  6. Pour the milkshake into the cup and leave about 1 inch of space from the rim of the cup.
  7. Scoop a generous ball of LACTAID® Chocolate Ice Cream – approximately ¾ cup or roughly the diameter of the rim of the cup) and place it directly on top of the milkshake.
  8. Lightly dust the remainder of chocolate dirt (¼ cup) directly on top of the scoop of ice cream.
  9. Place the palm tree pick directly into the left side of the scoop of ice cream.
  10. Place the rock candy stick into the right side of the scoop of ice cream.
  11. Take the bamboo food pick and skewer it into the 3 pieces of sour star-shaped gummy candies, directly across the stars so they are facing forward on the skewer.
  12. Place the skewered star gummy candy next to the rock candy stick on the right, directly into the scoop of ice cream.
  13. Place a few pieces of popcorn on top of the scoop of ice cream. Lightly press them into the scoop of ice cream to keep them in place.
  14. Lightly drizzle the remainder of the chocolate syrup over the popcorn in a zig-zag motion.