Your sensitivity to lactose in dairy doesn´t have to put a crimp in your lifestyle if you know how to manage it. That´s what we´re here to help you do. LACTAID® Dairy Products allow people to enjoy their favorite dairy foods because the lactose is already broken down in the products. LACTAID® Dietary Supplements provide the lactase you need to
break down the lactose in dairy foods.

We want you to enjoy the foods you love. And we´re working to provide
you with the information and assistance to do just that.

To begin learning about dairy sensitivity due to lactose and how to prevent symptoms, keep reading.

Types of Dairy Sensitivity

There are three common—and commonly confused—causes of dairy sensitivity. Learn the differences between them.

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Dairy Digestion Test

Is your sensitivity caused by lactose intolerance? This simple
self-evaluation can help you find out.

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Lactose Intolerance

So what exactly is lactose intolerance? What is lactose? How does it affect you? Find out here.

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Why Dairy Is Important

Should you avoid dairy? No, because dairy is an important source of calcium, vitamins A and D, and more.

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Learn how LACTAID® Products can help your patients enjoy dairy without the discomfort.

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The LACTAID® Difference

We introduced the first lactose free milk and we´re still the brand you can trust to enjoy
the 100% real dairy without a second thought.

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