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Lactose-free milk is 100% real milk that doesn’t contain lactose, a type of sugar contained in regular milk1. Lactose-free milk, such as LACTAID®, still provides the great taste and benefits of regular milk2. This means you can enjoy your favorite dairy products without upsetting your stomach if you’re sensitive to lactose or have lactose intolerance1.

What Is Lactose?

Lactose is a complex sugar found naturally in milk and other dairy products3. Millions of Americans are intolerant to lactose, meaning they are unable to fully digest lactose3.

What Is Lactose Intolerance?

If your natural level of lactase enzyme is too low, you could be lactose intolerant4. Lactase is an enzyme produced by your small intestines which breaks down the complex sugars of lactose in dairy products into simpler sugars – glucose and galactose - while you digest4.

Lactose intolerance is not a milk allergy, but it can cause discomfort and take away from the enjoyment of dairy3. Our Lactose Intolerance Quiz can help you determine if you might be lactose intolerant.

What Does Lactose-Free Mean?

Lactose-free products such as LACTAID® Milk, are real dairy products that are refined so they don’t contain lactose1. Removing lactose from dairy products allows people with a lactose intolerance or sensitivity to enjoy real milk and dairy products without suffering discomfort caused by lactose1.

Lactose-free does not mean dairy-free. Lactose-free products are made with real dairy and contain all the nutrients of regular milk products. Learn more about the difference between lactose-free and dairy-free here.

How is LACTAID® Lactose-Free Milk Made?

The process behind Lactose Free Milk.

The Difference Between Regular Milk and Lactose-Free Milk

Aside from the fact that lactose-free milk does not contain lactose, making it easier to digest, there is little difference between regular milk and lactose-free milk2.

Does Lactose-Free Milk Taste Different?

To most people, lactose-free milk tastes the same as regular milk. However, some people find LACTAID® milk is slightly sweeter than regular milk5. This is because the lactose has been broken down into simpler sugars already, which sweetens the taste before drinking6.

Lactose-Free Milk vs Regular Milk: Nutritional Values

When comparing LACTAID® with conventional milk, there are no nutritional differences1. One cup of LACTAID® 2% Milk and regular 2% milk each contain1:

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Total Sugars
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Added Sugars
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Vitamin A
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Vitamin D

Get the Nutritional Benefits of Milk, Without Lactose

LACTAID® products have the same nutritional benefits as regular milk. Whether you’re looking for whole milk, reduced fat, low fat or fat free, you’ll find LACTAID® contains all the nutrients and tastes as delicious as regular milk options – without the discomfort that can be caused by lactose2.


Yes, you can. There are lots of recipes where you can substitute regular milk for the same amount of LACTAID®. Your recipes will keep their great taste, but won’t have lactose in them, so anyone can enjoy them. For more information, visit our recipe substitutions page.

No, LACTAID® lactose-free milk is 100% real dairy and contains all the natural nutrients and vitamins contained in dairy milk. That means you can still enjoy all the goodness of dairy without the lactose. Check out our guide for more information.

LACTAID® offers a wide range of 100% real dairy, lactose-free products. In addition to LACTAID® milk, you can enjoy:

To find out more, visit the LACTAID® Products & Supplements page.

You can find LACTAID® products at a wide range of retailers, including:

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • BJs
  • Target
  • Wegmans

For more information and to visit online retailer sites, check out our Where to Buy page.

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LACTAID® Lowfat 1% Lactose-Free Milk

Lactaid Cottage Cheese front of Package

LACTAID® Cottage Cheese

Lactaid vanilla lactose-free ice cream

LACTAID® Lactose-Free Vanilla Ice Cream

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The LACTAID® Difference

When it comes to lactose-free milk, we’ve got seriously high standards.