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Lactaid Milk being poured into an iced coffee Lactaid Milk being poured into an iced coffee

Are You Lactose Intolerant?

Answer a few questions to see if your symptoms might be due to lactose intolerance or a milk allergy.


Lactose Sensitivity Symptoms

From learning where lactose can be found and which foods will cause the worst symptoms, to discovering the potential causes for your discomfort, understanding dairy sensitivity due to lactose is the first step to treating it.

A man smiling as he makes breakfast

What Is Lactose Intolerance?

All of your questions about lactose intolerance, answered. Learn about what lactose intolerance means, what causes it, if you can develop it, the different types & more.

A woman looking at her tablet

Signs & Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

Learn about the different signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance. Plus, discover how to know if you are lactose intolerant or your symptoms are caused by something else.

A black woman taking the lactose intolerance test on her phone

Lactose Intolerance At-Home Test

Discomfort from dairy? Try this at-home lactose intolerance test to help you determine if your dairy sensitivity is caused by lactose intolerance or something else.

Two little girls eating pizza

Lactose Sensitivity in Kids

If you think your child may have a dairy sensitivity, note their reactions to certain foods and mention it to your pediatrician.


Living with Lactose Sensitivity

Keep the dairy in your life and feel great about it. From our delicious lactose-free dairy products to crave-worthy lactose-free recipes, we can help make life without lactose easier. And for those dairy-heavy dishes you just can’t quit—our supplements can help ease your symptoms*.

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Lactose Intolerance Diet Tips

Learn about what to eat and what to avoid if you’re lactose intolerant. Discover these lactose intolerance diet tips to learn how to manage your lactose intolerance.

The process behind Lactose Free Milk

What Is Lactose-Free Milk?

Find out what lactose is, what lactose-free means and how lactose-free milk products like LACTAID® are made. Plus, compare regular milk vs lactose-free milk and more.

Woman smiling as she eats a bowl of cereal

Lactose-Free vs. Dairy-Free Milk

Learn about the difference between lactose-free and dairy-free, plus some of the benefits of drinking real milk. Find out if LACTAID® lactose-free milk is right for you.


Front package of Lactaid® fast-acting supplements

Enjoy dairy whenever and wherever with our supplements.

Just take with your first bite to help prevent discomfort associated with digesting dairy.


Make Your Favorite Recipes Lactose-Free

Check out our simple conversion chart to help you swap traditional dairy ingredients for LACTAID® products. We have ingredient substitutions for buttermilk, milk, evaporated milk, and more so you can make your favorite recipes lactose-free!

White sauce recipe in a pan with flour, milk and butter on the side. White sauce recipe in a pan with flour, milk and butter on the side. White sauce recipe in a pan with flour, milk and butter on the side.