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Your sensitivity to lactose in dairy doesn´t have to put a crimp in your lifestyle if you know how to manage it. That´s what we´re here to help you do. LACTAID® Dairy Products allow people to enjoy their favorite dairy foods because the lactose is already broken down in the products. LACTAID® Dietary Supplements provide the lactase you need to break down the lactose in dairy foods.

We want you to enjoy the foods you love. And we´re working to provide you with the information and assistance to do just that.

To begin learning about dairy sensitivity due to lactose and how to prevent symptoms, keep reading.

  • Types of Dairy Sensitivity

    There are three common—and commonly confused—causes of dairy sensitivity. Learn the differences between them.

    Learn more about the types

  • Dairy Digestion Test

    Is your sensitivity caused by lactose intolerance? This simple self-evaluation can help you find out.

    Take the test

  • Lactose Intolerance

    So what exactly is lactose intolerance? What is lactose? How does it affect you? Find out here.

    Learn more about lactose intolerance

  • Why dairy is important

    Should you avoid dairy? No, because dairy is an important source of calcium, vitamins A and D, and more.

    Learn more about dairy and your health