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The inspiration that launched LACTAID®

A third generation dairyman from Atlantic City, Alan E. Kligerman got his start in the family business by delivering milk to customers. During the course of this work, he discovered that not everyone could enjoy the delicious dairy products his family’s farm produced. Alan didn’t want anyone to miss out on the natural goodness of real dairy – and set out to do something about it.

He went on to study dairy science at Cornell, and founded LACTAID® in 1974. Over the years, Alan has served on a number of boards and government organizations, including the Government Affairs and Public Relations Committees of the Dairy & Food Industry Supply Association. Today, he is the chairman of the Kligerman Foundation, which contributes to nutritional research and other philanthropic causes.

More than 40 years after Alan’s quest began, LACTAID® Brand products and supplements are still fulfilling his original mission: to help people eat the foods they love wherever and whenever they want to – without discomfort.

The dairy you love, minus the discomfort

LACTAID® Brand real dairy products are enriched with lactase, a natural enzyme that helps break down lactose. We help satisfy all your dairy cravings, from cold, creamy milk to ice cream and cottage cheese. All you have to do is eat and enjoy. It’s no wonder we´re the nation´s #1 lactose-free dairy brand.

Delicious, natural, and drama-free. Suddenly, being sensitive to dairy isn’t so complicated after all.

Dairy Minus the Discomfort

Find out how to eat dairy without discomfort – even when you’re on the go.
LACTAID® doesn’t Mess with You

It's 100% real, delicious dairy - the milk that doesn't mess with you.

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