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LACTAID® supplements let you enjoy dairy

From a cold scoop of ice cream to a gooey slice of cheese pizza, foods made with dairy are an important part of life. But for many people, reaching for a favorite treat isn’t as simple as it seems. When milk messes with you, a moment of bliss can turn into a big disappointment later on.

How LACTAID® supplements work

LACTAID® supplements are designed to help you enjoy all kinds of regular dairy products with lactose, no matter where you are. Our supplements contain lactase, an enzyme that helps your body digest lactose found in milk products.

LACTAID® Supplements Infographic

How to use LACTAID® supplements

Take a LACTAID® supplement with your first bite or swallow of dairy to prevent the uncomfortable side effects that might happen otherwise. If you take a supplement too long before a meal – or wait until after you eat – it won’t be able to do its job.

If your meal lasts for more than 45 minutes, take another supplement. And order the cheesecake for dessert – because now you can.

Tip: Keep a package of LACTAID® supplements in your purse, backpack, or car. That way, you’ll always have them handy when you need them – and you won’t miss a single bite of delicious dairy.

LACTAID® Supplements


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Lactose intolerance is one of the three causes of dairy-related discomfort.

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