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It’s the milk that doesn’t mess with you

At LACTAID®, we believe that eating dairy should be fun and enjoyable. Our real, delicious dairy products let you enjoy the foods you love, without the side effects you don’t.

Watch this video and see that Lactaid is 100% real milk for people with lactose intolerance.

1. We’re the real thing

LACTAID® dairy products provide all the protein, calcium, and vitamins that come with real dairy – because they are real dairy. All we’ve added is the natural enzyme lactase, to make digestion easy and drama-free. 

Note: Some people might find LACTAID® slightly sweeter than regular milk, because the lactose is already broken down into sugars.

2. We’re easy on your stomach

Drink it, eat it, and enjoy it – without a second thought. Just swap out the dairy you eat now with the comparable LACTAID® product, and bingo – no more discomfort. See how simple that was?

Easy on the Stomach

3. We’re in the kitchen with you

In all your recipes, LACTAID® is a 1:1 substitution for your regular milk or dairy. There’s no need to adjust measurements, or add hard-to-pronounce ingredients for the texture and flavor you want. What the heck is xanthan gum, anyway?

Browse our recipe collection »

LACTAID® 1:1 dairy substitution

4. We’re perfect for the whole family

Everyone can enjoy LACTAID® brand foods. From ice cream to milk, there’s no need to mark LACTAID® products as special or different – they’re so creamy and delicious that no one will notice a difference.

Perfect for Entire Family

5. We’re always there for you

Tempted to order that ice cream sundae? Craving the mac-and-cheese at your neighborhood bistro? Go for it. Simply take a LACTAID® supplement with your first bite or sip of dairy and enjoy the treats you love without a second thought.

See how they work »

6. We’ve got what you need

From chocolate milk to ice cream to cottage cheese, LACTAID® products can help satisfy all your dairy cravings. If we don’t make it, we’ll show you how to substitute a similar ingredient in your favorite recipe.

See recipe conversions »

It's easier than you think - and you don't have to give up dairy!

Find out how to eat dairy without discomfort – even when you’re on the go.

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The LACTAID® Difference

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