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If you’re focused on fitness or just looking to get more protein, try Lactaid® Protein Milk—real milk fortified with ultra-filtered skim milk and 13g of protein per serving. Like all the Lactaid® products you love, it’s lactose-free so it won’t cause discomfort. Grab a glass as a quick snack or add it to recipes for an extra boost of protein.

protein per serving

Lactaid® lactose-free Protein Milk has 13g of protein per 8 oz serving—60% more protein than regular milk* (13 grams vs. 8 grams). The best part? It tastes delicious, just like regular Lactaid® Milk.

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The benefits of protein

Protein is an essential nutrient and building block of the human body. Many people are seeking ways to add it to their diet—and Lactaid® Protein Milk makes it easy, even if you’re lactose-intolerant.

Bowl of oatmeal made with Lactaid® Lactose Free Protein Milk with berries and sliced almonds

Start your day strong with wholesome oats and Lactaid® Protein Milk.

Lactose Free chocolate protein shake and strawberry smoothie made with Lactaid® Protein Milk

Boost your shakes and smoothies with Lactaid® Protein Milk.

Mug of coffee made with Lactaid® Lactose Free Protein Milk

Power through the day with Lactaid® Protein Milk in your coffee.

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*1 cup of Lactaid Protein contains 13 grams (27% DV) of protein vs. 1 cup of Regular milk contains 8 grams (16% DV) of protein.

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