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Lactose-free double berry ice cream made with LACTAID®

Double-Berry Ice Cream

For a fun activity and a tasty treat that the whole family will enjoy, try out this easy lactose...

Lactose-free double-coconut cream pie with toasted coconut

Double-Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut fans will adore this exquisite pie with a filling that features both cream of coconut...


Dulce De Leche with Coconut

Squares of chilled dulce de leche with coconut make a rich and intense caramel-flavored dessert...

Chocolate shake in clear glass with chocolate pieces on the side

Easy Chocolate Shakes

Pudding mix replaces ice cream to thicken these easy-to-fix, kid-pleasing shakes.

Close up of iced latte in glass

Easy Iced Latte

Serve this refreshing coffee drink after brunch, lunch, or dinner in place of dessert.

Easy Flan Recipe Made With Lactaid®

Easy Lactose Free Flan Recipe

This easy-to-make lactose free flan recipe is inspired by the caramel topped custard dessert...

Lactaid royal icing recipe in green and white decorating Christmas cookies

Easy Royal Icing

What makes this royal icing recipe so sweet? It’s made with just three ingredients, ready in...

Eggnog French Toast

This festive eggnog French toast recipe will get you in the holiday spirit in no time at all....

Lactose Free Caramelized Onion Quiche Recipe Made with LACTAID® Milk

Fennel and Caramelized Onion Quiche

Try this lactose free quiche recipe for your next breakfast or brunch party! A heavenly mix of...

Creamy non-lactose fusilli pasta primavera with veggies

Flavorful Pasta Primavera

Fresh tarragon and crushed red pepper bring flavor to this vegetable and pasta dish. The pasta...

Golden brown fresh parker house dinner rolls

Fresh Parker House Rolls

Parker House rolls, known for their soft crust and trademark fold, are perfect with just about...

Fresh pear & berry custard tart in pan

Fresh Pear Custard Tart

Be sure to use perfectly ripe pears for this tart. Choose those that yield to gentle pressure at...

Fresh skillet corn bread

Fresh Skillet Corn Bread

Serve this hearty corn bread warm from the oven.


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