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Acorn squash soup topped with cream and pumpkin seeds with spoon

Acorn Squash Soup

Rich and creamy, this delectable acorn squash soup is made with lactose-free...

Lactose-free carrot cream soup

Carrot Cream

Made with carrots, onion and parsley the dish is simple, bright and flavorful.

Bowl chilled avocado soup

Chilled Avocado Soup

Fresh cilantro and lemon juice blend perfectly with avocados in this chilled appetizer soup. For...

Corn and green chili chowder with jalapenos

Corn and Green Chili Chowder

The addition of canned green chili peppers brings a new twist to classic corn chowder. Serve the...

Bowl of creamed crab soup

Creamed Crab Soup

Chunks of crabmeat and potatoes float in a creamy broth flavored with mustard, thyme, and Old...

Creamy Broccoli Rice Soup Made With Lactaid®

Creamy Broccoli Rice Soup

..This creamy, lactose free broccoli soup recipe is made with rice, broth, veggies and Lactaid...


Creamy Carrot and Pasta Soup

Hot Jamaican spices jazz up this creamy pasta soup. Use purchased or homemade Jamaican jerk...

Creamy crab chowder with crackers

Creamy Crab Chowder

This chowder features tender, delicately flavored crabmeat and colorful bits of zucchini and...


Creamy Two-Bean Chowder with Pesto

A swirl of pesto zips up the taste of this hearty bean chowder.


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