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Almond mocha iced coffee in glass

Almond Mocha Iced Coffee Recipe

Give your coffee an extra kick with just a little almond extract and LACTAID® Chocolate Milk....

Ripe avocado shake in glass outside in the shining sun

Avocado Shake

An avocado shake starts your day beautifully. It’s creamy, light, sweet, and rich.

banana strawberry licuado smoothie made with LACTAID®

Banana-Strawberry Licuado

.For breakfast on-the-go or a refreshing treat, try this licuado recipe made with...

Cup of bittersweet hot cocoa drink with cream

Bittersweet Cocoa

The intense chocolate flavor in this warming beverage comes from using both cocoa powder and...

Cup of cappuccino with cinnamon


Learn how to make an easy creamy cappuccino with a splash of...

Cup of chocolate almond coffee cooler

Chocolate Almond Coffee Cooler

Break out of an afternoon slump with this refreshing, frothy beverage.

Cup of chocolate banana shake

Chocolate Banana Shake

Treat yourself to some chocolately goodness that is an excellent source of potassium and lactose...

Chocolatey hot cinnamon chai

Chocolaty Chai

Chai, a spiced milk-and-tea blend that hails from India, is popping up in a variety of versions...

Chocolate shake in clear glass with chocolate pieces on the side

Easy Chocolate Shakes

Pudding mix replaces ice cream to thicken these easy-to-fix, kid-pleasing shakes.

Close up of iced latte in glass

Easy Iced Latte

Serve this refreshing coffee drink after brunch, lunch, or dinner in place of dessert.

Frozen Champurrado and Cinnamon Twists made with Lactaid®

Frozen Champurrado Recipe with Cinnamon Twists

Learn how to make authentic champurrado with a frozen twist! This recipe uses 100% real milk,...

Healthy peach smoothie with spoon and red straw

Health Shake

Whirl tofu and frozen peaches in a blender for a shake chock full of great summer flavor and...

Hot mocha with cream, cinnamon sticks and chocolate pieces

Hot Mocha

Add coffee crystals to an old favorite for an added treat.

Lactose Free Fresh Mango Frappe Made With LACTAID® Milk

Lactose Free Fresh Mango Frappe Recipe

Try this refreshing mango frappe recipe for a healthy and delicious snack! It’s similar to a...

Mango lactose-free milkshake

Mango Milkshake

Try the unique flavor of delicate, ripe mango in an easy milkshake.


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